Resistance is Futile

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Its 5am on the clock...way past my wake up time.  My alarm went off at 1am but then again, who wants to wake up at that ungodly hour when my pillow and comfy bed call on me like a jealous boyfriend?  So here I am, trying to catch up on the things I should have been doing while frolicking in the land of dreams. 

Honestly, I have no clue where to start!  Picture me, pulling my hair down until the roots begin to bleed. Ack! To solve my problem, hopefully, I will make a list.  They say a list of "Things to do Today" really does help  organize the disordered mind.  Therefore, here goes:
  1. 1st on my list is to go to the bathroom, take a shower to freshen my self up and get rid of the morning glories.  Oh, and I need to drop the coins in the stomach has been upsetting me all night.  Its time I let go of the stinking you-know-what.
  2. Before I get down and dirty with my case briefs and CrimLaw,its FACEBOOKING time!
  3. I think, I will call in sick for work today, I hear my stomach rumbling like a thunderstorm out a sea......okay, there! just called the hotline.
  4. Breakfast, breakfast.  There is tuna but I'm in the mood for spicy Jiampong today.  Huh! So much for that upset stomach.  
  5. There is this interesting series at Starz about a gladiator that is about to get me hooked.  It just so happened that my friend  has a copy of the Season one episodes, I will watch it right after this.
  6. Getting down to business, I have read the 2010 Moot Court Problem that we have to make a case brief on.  Here I go again, pulling my hair! I just don't know where to effing start!
  7. Criminal Law is my favorite subject.  However, the teacher is kind of the reincarnation of Hitler.  So as not to be persecuted in class, I have to read extensively. Oh, and note to self, wear heavy duty deodorant because after reciting in class, my armpits will be wetter than the Pacific Ocean! Wahahaha!
  8. Sleep, smoke and eat in betweens. Oh yeah!
  9. Meet up Jassy, Trina and Novie for our Case Brief at Bob's Courtyard.
Phew-hu!  Hopefully, I can survive the whole day!  



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