Exam Week

Monday, August 23, 2010

Its the midterms exam for the University this week and fortunately, I got my Paid Time Off request from work approved!  Awesome! Right? Yay!

this one's with Fek and Fammie outside the office

To start off my week, I headed straight to work to confirm with my supervisor if my PTO really was approved and so it is.  It was early in the morning and I was craving for some McDonald's pancakes, only to realize that the McDonald's down at Lacson street was being renovated.  In my utter disbelief, I decided have some quality date time at Starbucks with my self and my Revised Penal Code book instead.  So much for a luxury time.

Now that I am home, its time to get down to business.  Oh, but wait!  I still have to watch the newly posted True Blood Episode!  Acccck Batman!  The video should have been posted by now!  I can't believe there are only 3 more episodes left!  Will get back right at you once I am done!



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