OMG! Venus Therese gid tuod!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Personally, I hate the name.  But it is not up to me to decide.  Im just the aunt.  Poor kid.  Pungent name.  Pangsot pangsot na name!

Anyway!  I'm glad she is okay.  And my dear sister tooo!

After visiting her at the hospital earlier, I made a mental note to myself to never get pregnant ever.  If ever it would be possible to have an instant baby, I would take it.   After giving birth, my sister looks deformed.  I do not want to look like that.  It looks like she is in a lot of terrible pain!  Ka ngilo!

Hands down to all the mothers I know who have gone through the awful, magical, unexplainable thing that is childbirth.  How do they ever survive such an ordeal.  I squeezed my eyes shut a lot of times, just hearing my sister wallow in pain due to her CS surgery.

Instant baby.  That is what I want.  Of course, my flesh and blood but hopefully, science will help me out in figuring how to disfigure my figure.

And not give my son/or daughter a very pungent name.



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