The Last Straw

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today must be the worst day of my life.  My Fairy Good Luck Mother was out of town perhaps and left me out in the cold cold harsh world.  Dyou want to know what happened?

1.  I BROKE a very expensive drinking glass while preparing for work

2.  and obviously it made me LATE for work since I had to sweep the fragments off the floor pa

3.  the consequence of being late means given a scolding from my TL (she, wouldn't dare).  I just had to settle for a hollow threat

4.  there are only two things I am scared most in the world.  A: Circus clowns and B:  NEEDLES.  I had to face my second fear by doing the Annual Physical Exam at work today where the nurse had to spend 10 minutes just looking for a vein to stick the needle in to where it took only 1 minute for her to do it to somebody else.

5.  My pocket spit out my allowance for next week.  I LOST 1K.  Pakshyet talaga!

6.  To somehow drown my sorrow, I only wished for a McDO Sundae.  It wasn't really a surprise when it wasnt able at SM.

7.  I just decided that I would treat my self to the new SHREK FOREVER AFTER movie.  C'mon!  It was only available in 3D.  I just lost 1K and you expect me to cash out 250ham on a movie that would only make me puke afterwards?  Tommorow at Robinson's nlng.

8.  And finally, I am at home.  The internet connection is killing me. 

Couldn't be my karma any darker?



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