Monday, May 3, 2010

The worst pet peeve that I have is spending a fortune on books.  Today I bought P3000 worth of those goodies.  I don't know but I think I have this OC attitude on buying books.  For one, if there is a series, I will not buy just one part, but will buy the whole damn saga.  But on one condition, they should all be of the same version and from the same design.  If the other book is from another publisher and will make my collection complete, it will not do.

Oh, gawd.  Help me.  All my money is spent on these wonderful things but I just cant stop splurging on them.  The worst part is that some of the books I have haven't been read yet.  I just think to myself that, someday, they will have a day with me alone.


These are the babies I bought earlier.

Unfortunately, I lost one book.  I will still have to check it at the Lost and Found department at work since in a great haste, I forgot the book at the top of my locker.  I was just so excited with my goodies that I forgot it.
Hopefully, somebody surrendered it in the Lost and Found office or better yet, on my locker.



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