Down With The Sickness

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It is my lolo's birthday today.  Everybody is busy outside preparing for the dinner party.  They have been preparing the food since yesterday and it is just normal.  The one thing I like about family parties is that the food is not just the ordinary cuisine prepared in a typical Pinoy fashion. On these special occasions, the food is fit for the President herself.  I don't know what the names of the food are, all I know is that they taste uber delicious.  Maybe the reason why we do great rituals on preparing food is that my family, especially my lola is a cook.  We are a family of chefs. 

Just too bad though, cooking doesn't run in my blood.  See, here I am blogging while everybody is outside in the kitchen. 

I would really love to help but I am down with the sickness.  No, I am not malingering. I have my period and I have flu.  I tried to help earlier but my grandmother scolded me not to help since she is scared I might just sneeze on the food.



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