All Worth It for the Brazilian

Friday, February 26, 2010

Vanity is pain they say and I am a firm believer.  The greatest suffering I have ever had to pay for beauty was what I did earlier.  The feeling is like a thousand horde of fire ants munching at your sunflower but you can't do anything about it but just grit through the pain and scream profanities to the four walls around you.  I will not say that it is just like giving birth, but its close to that.

Brazilian. Brazilian Wax.  I dared to go Brazilian.

Its my vacation today, so I decided to pamper myself.  I went to Lay Bare, a waxing salon here at my place.  This is the very first time that I ever did it.
It hurt like hell, and all I had to do was grip at the sheets and cursed a lot and at the same time apologizing to the waxer for being foul mouthed.

After that ordeal, I couldn't even stand properly.  But the good thing was that after 10 minutes, I felt so free and breezy down there.

Guys, if you haven't tried going Brazilian yet, I suggest you should.  The agony, the torment, the anguish is all worth it.  They use cold was so it doesnt burn your skin like hot wax does.  It is just above Piazza Sorrento. 



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