The Thing On My Nightstand

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I have been reading my copy of the "Necronomicon: H.P.  Lovecrafts Best Weird Tales" for months now.  The book came with a warning not to read at night, but I use it as a lullaby.  I'm fearless, yeah!
"At The Mountains of Madness" has helped me sleep for days already. The story is written in first-person perspective by the geologist William Dyer, a professor from Miskatonic University. He writes to disclose hitherto unknown and closely kept secrets in the hope that he can deter a planned and much publicized scientific expedition to Antarctica. On a previous expedition there, a party of scholars from Miskatonic University, led by Dyer, discovered fantastic and horrific ruins and a dangerous secret beyond a range of mountains taller than the Himalayas.

I just thought that since I am on the internet right now, I'd check out some artwork regarding the story. Its not a surprise how the tales of Lovecraft inspires such incredible artwork. 

 A book cover depicting a scene from the novella.

 Another book cover:
 William Dyer and Danforth exploring the ancient city.

Shoggoths, attacking our heroes.
 In the story, something that Danforth saw made him insane but he wouldn't say what it was.

The ancient alien super race hidden behind the mountains of Antartica.

An  Elder Thing: the very first inhabitants of the planet



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