The Normal Freakish Things I'm OC About

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Crazy how two people find out that they are totally insane in the same way, that they have the same obsessive compulsions on laundry at the very exact detail. Wow!  For all you know, the other one is me, and the other one is my older schoolmate

After that revelation, I did a sudden reflection.  Its just not clothes and shoes that I am OC about, but a lot more!

I have created a list so that at least I can fully grasp how totally abnormal I am.

1.  Shoes.
I am a lunatic about shoes.  Just last December, I bought 6 pairs.  Beat that.  That is not the worst part, the worst thing about me with my shoes is what happens after every use.  Every one of my shoes still looks brand new even after 6 months.  You know why?  I clean them up after every use and return them in their boxes.  They are so clean that if I had a choice, I would fall asleep with all of them together in my bed.

2.  Clothes/Laundry
If I could stare at my laundry all day until they dry, I probably would, but that is just borderline psychotic, isnt it?   Checking back after every 20 minutes will do for me.  Yes, I may be bordering on psychotic already.  
I am into fashion and I love my clothes very much.  I never let anyone dare try to wash them because I just can't trust any hands handling my babies.  The sun and I are so not friends when it comes to this because I do not hang my clothes under it.  I don't use soap bars only powders.  I don't use clip on instead hangers.  I will only allow clip ons on my pants and my cardigans.

3.  Books
Once I am in a mall, 70% of my time will be spent most in a bookstore where I will be just circling round and round trying to figure out what to buy. It takes me 30 mins to an hour to decide on a book.  However, sometimes, everything is compulsive.  Once I saw a copy of the Brother's Grimm Fairy Tales and Sherlock Holmes the complete works half a second after entering National Bookstore and  exactly a minute later I was at the counter.  Or there was a time that I spent 2 hours in the store figuring out a book and when I was on my way to the counter, I saw the compiled Narnia chronicles and in a split second, I grabbed it and that was the one that I bought.   Usually I buy wholesale.  Like for example, say, Harry Potter, I don't buy retail, I buy the whole seven books.  And like Paulo Coehlo, I'd buy every story. 
But that is not yet just that.  There are rules in handling my books which makes people not borrow anymore.  It scars them for life.  My rules are simple but hard to follow if the borrowers are not me.  One rule is to never leave a crease on the middle part of the book.  Never use it as paper cushion when writting.  No folding of pages.  Hands should be clean. No eating.  Never have it lying page down.  These rules scares people away.  But I think that is good.  No one to borrow my books anymore.

4. My Bed
No one sleeps in my bed unless they have my permission.  Try it and the roof will go down on you.

5.  My Stuff.
My stuff, hands off.  

These are the only major ones I could think of right now.  My mind is slowly deteriorating since I should have been sleeping 4 hours ago.  Its my day off so I will likely be slumbering my ass off until the next day.



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