Food Baby!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yay! Yay!

I just got home from an exhausting and very scary day at the Bacolod Diagnostic Center for my scheduled ultrasound.  My friend Rochelle was there as well because she was said to have something growing on her boobies.  Hopefully she is just fine.

After the ultrasound, I met my friend Jassy to have lunch at Rob.  Haay I miss her, it has been a long time since we hung out.

One big surprise today was that the Diagnostic center made me go back because they said that the doctor will not release my result unless she checked me out again.  That was agony.  I thought that they found something and that I could die tomorrow.

I returned to my doctor at Doctor's Hospital and when he read the result, I could have jumped for joy right there and then.  He told me that there was nothing to worry about because it was just food baby!  "Boy-un" in my own dialect.  It was just fat that coagulated and then got covered by more fat.  He didn't give me any medicine to drink but told me that the best way to lose the cyst is to just go to the gym or exercise it out.

Boy, what a relief that was.



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