Cadiz Weekend

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I chose to disappoint a lot of people today by not going to Cadiz.  My super friends are all there but I just got off from work and have work again at 10:30pm tonight.  You know me. I'm sickly.

Oh I really want to go but Stacy passed by already and I don't want to take the bus going there...alone.  Leonil is there, Cogie has texted me and Altea is having a party as well.  Almost everybody is there!

Waaaah! sob* sob* sob*
Picture me in a puddle of tears.  
But its okay.  I will be sleeping and be fresh off from sleep when I go to work later.  That would be a consolation.

Fighting temptation is very hard, this I just realized.  But atleast, I'm keeping part of my resolution.


But of course, I will go to "the Flow" once it will open. ~evil grin~



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