Out Day!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I met some of my girlfriends at SM yesterday.  It was so nice at having friends around again.

With Jassy and Emi!
Emi had to go to the optical shop to buy contact lenses for her eyes.

 This was taken by Jasssy's cute little daughter, Angel.
They had to leave early because Angel was so tired already from work, but not before I bough her Ice cream! yey!

At about 7:30pm, Emi and I went to a new hip place at Pipeline.  We ate porkchops, one of the best around town.  And guess what, it was on Emi! Yey!
At 8:30, I had to go back to work since I had work at 12 midnight.

 Well, for one, I was late due to oversleeping. hehe
Take a look at the things that keep me away at such a necrophiliac hour.



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