Casino Royale Aftermath

Monday, December 14, 2009

Arriving late at the party was no biggie.  Boy and I separated ways at the registration which was fine with me.  I came to the party solo, thinking of just friend hopping from one to another, but luckily, I saw my highschool friend, Felice.  We hooked up right then and there because she was in the same situation as I was.  Alone but totaly NOT frienldess.

At the entrance, there was a photobooth were everybody could take pictures that looked like a red carpet background.  Couldn't I say COOL more often?

Red Carpet material? Of course!

Strutting our stuff.  Fek and I.

The ballroom was packed with people.
I ate dinner with a gazillion of people.  The party was awesome, but the food was a disaster.

Smoking is like my prayer before and after meals.  We went out of the hotel to have a photo
op with a lot of people.
There I am with my fellow smoking bud at the office, Bryan Montinola.

Its not a party without nicotine and alcohol.  Since it was forbidden at the venue, Fek and I went to Sorrento to have some.

I never regret one minute of my stay at the party.  Not only that I got a big bag of ham but I also had my picture taken with Enchong Dee! We arrived just in time for our party host to go up his room but mehn!  I begged for it and I could have crawled my way for it.

The picture quality is not that good since the guards were in a hurry and
the photo has a motion churva effect on it.
So not nice.  But on the other hand, I got what I wanted!

Another highlight of the evening was our surprised guest:  Rivermaya!  
They rocked all night and I had the most fun!

Closing time. 

But not too late for more photo opps!
At the hotel lobby with Al, the primadona diva.

At Pepe's, the afterparty.



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