Candy Christmas Day!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Just got back from my first day at work with a mouthful of aching teeth!  Aaaack!  But I am not complaining cause it is my fault.  All of it!

It was Candy Christmas Day at work today and I was exuberant as a child who got his first bike for a present!

Mew! mew! mew!  Look what I got for the 3rd day of Christmas!  There were more, but I ate them already.  Including the JD brownies my sister gave me for baon.

Here I go with my teamate, Angela!

Angela Zayco! Better keep away from my goodies, ok!

The other day was Christmas Hat Day for the 2nd day of Christmas!
Fortunately, it was my day off or else I would've been forced to wear an ugly hat.

But of course!
I would'nt want to be left out of the fun!
Although it was yesterday's theme, I found a Santa Hat on my TL's bay!

I look absolutely hilarious in that hat! But what the heck, I wore it the whole day anyway.
....even though I was the only wearing one!
Oh! Karen!  That was so yesterday!

It is 10:57 in the morning and I need to get some sleep.
Gnyt everyone!



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