Making Christmas

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First day of December and it was hell! Because?
1.  It was queuing chats!
2.  I was about to drift off to lalalalalalaland!
3.  My smoking break was deferred.
4.  It was the first day of Christmas, thus, Parol Judging day.
5. Aaaaaack!

We had a lot of chats today, I wasn't suppose to get bored, however, my eyes betrayed me.  They just wouldn't stay open.  Thankfully, my screw-loose-headed supervisor that I love gave me something to do.

She gave me these...
and a glue gun.

She made me glue the angels to stand on the basket.
I thought that was all but when I looked on the floor, there was more.

On the floor were the ugliest looking stars I have ever seen.  Uglier than Ugly Betty.
I plucked the angels on the basket I just stuck them to and placed them on top of the stars.  That turned out nice as you can see.

There I am, putting the last finishes on that damned thing. hehehe
Whew!  That ladder was so tall, just looking down made me wheezy!

Yey!  There it is!  The Philippine themed Christmas Star!  Of all the nationalities why couldn't our team have picked something exotic like Turkey or Ireland or wherever. But instead we got stuck with our very own.

I will return tonight to put more stuff into it because obviously, it looks ridiculous.  When I return from my day off I will post pictures of the Stars the other teams made.



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