Eleven 16

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Usually, the first posts are the most awkward.   The hardest part is forming an introduction and formulating the words to say.  The beginning.  But of what?  My life as I know it, just turned 25 years old.  Maybe i should start from there. Yes, I should.
In one word a more blatant description of me would be: loner.  True, I dare say.  I am a self proclaimed loner and is justifiable by the people around me.  Most of the time I am alone but I have tons of friends that would want my company and of course I grace them with it.
Today, November 16 of 2009, I turned 25 years old.  By this blog, I will make sure that I won't let my life pass me by without having taking time to appreciate and contemplate on the journey I just had.  Even just for a day.
Happy Birthday to me and Welcome to my blog!



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