Monday, July 4, 2005

i dont know exactly where to start
my heart is battling with my head
maybe just maybe im the most assuming person in this god give planet
ako na ang pinak ka gaga kag pinaka buang
daw ma hibi gid ko ya
i dont know exactly how to explain this situation
im in a stupid stiuation
im being garrulous na
such stupid sentiments when i know they will disappear sooner or later
i hope
bitch bitch bitch
thats what i am
im such a stupid bithc
maybe thats why i entitled this blog as "i bitch at this moment in time"
because maybe i really am!
i dont know where i stand in his heart
feeling ko halin sang una gina trippingan ya lang gid ko ya
realize ko lang gina
nahimuklat na ko sa ka gagahan ko
teh ngaa
luyag man ko japon
it hurts me so damn bad! whenever we are together
i hate the situation im in
its so senseless
its so humiliating!
i know what the others are saying bout me
that they think im the one running after him
that i cant leave his side
that i always choose to be beside him
it hurts so bad to be labeled as "the desperate one!"
i hate htis i hate this i hate this i hate this!
shit shit shit
shit happens
i know but why does it always have to happen to me
what my friends are telling me is that i should lay off
go away for a moment
and them if he thinks im conspicous of my absence
than i know he has feelings for me too
why do gurls always have to wait for the guy to make the first move?
this is so shitty
i want him
i like him
i even admitted loving him
i love him for all the wrong and right reasons
i dont even know
tripping lang gid ya tanan tanan
i know him na
i should have known
it hurts so bad
sa likod ko gali gina kadlawan lang ko niya ukon nila pa gid ya
sincere gid ko yas tanan na gina pakita ko ya
pero amo lang kio na gli sa panulokan niya
wla wala wala!
teh ngaa palanga ko pa siya japon?
daw baby
for al his faults and flaws
i love him
i wont say loved cause i love him still
i wonder when will i ever feel love
to love and be loved in return!
that'd would be great
i thought ive found that someone
the pain is surreal
i cannot fathom its depths
tanan tanan gina panghimo ko na para sa iya
pero wla man japon
all i get is a cold insensitive shoulder
he doenst even notice me!
of all the things weve been thought together
na ano ko man?
nainit ko!
ngaa amo man ko ni man
ga paka gaga
lang gid ko ya forever
im destroying myself because of him
maglakat na siya gani wla gid xia ga babay
im better than this
i should think so
im better than this!



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