Monday, July 11, 2005

for the first time in my marketing years
i really feel like a a marketing student
for once!
lets not talk a bout the boy
"toot" for a sec okey?
my groupmates and i are doing a case study on this flunking mall
its a nationwide contes
in which
winners from every region will be sent to compete to manila to compete with each other
this is so frutrating coz we only have less than a week to finish it
the dealine is on wednesday, we should finish everthying by today
coz we will let our club modrator review it and redo t again if she doesnt approve of it
but what about me?
im here oing my blog instead of burning the midnight oil on the paper
i just want to unwind

"and now were back together, together,
and all the love i have is especially for you"

wow how nakaka inlove naman the song
check you up later!!!!!!!!



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