Thursday, July 7, 2005

i hate him but i love him
i love him and i hate him
i hate him and i love him
i love him but i hate him
such stupid voluble exxagerations coming from yours truly
see how crazy i am
crazy in love you might say
but its still the same
im crazy the craziest of all

i laid off
for a couple of days that have seemed weeks on end
i missed him
but it was ok
when i was laying off
it felt quite ok that we werent together
i guess i was getting used to it na
but you know what happened yesterday?
it was great!
i dont know
basi assumiong naman ko
assuming naman gid eh!
ambot ah
didnt i tell you that i d lay off to tell that if he really wants me?
yes, maybe, just maybe he missed me
i was conspicous of my absence
he was missing me!
hes missing me!
assuming lang ha!
i dont know, we were seatmates last night
and he was just so sweet
naluoy gid ko xia ya
maybe i just have a soft heart for very very cute guys like him
so anyway, ive got to jitter
still have class in like 3 minutes
ack! aaaaaaaaaack!
and believe it or not
were seatmates again at this other class
i cant wait na!
right back at you later!
chikka ta full time!
im in love!
this time
its for real
or then again, maybe not



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