ka gaga gid ya sakon....super

Friday, July 22, 2005

hala ka nice
we talked just the two of us!
how sweet!
we talked and talked until kmi na lang na duwa s yummy yummy!
ako pa ang nag edit sang comments nya para sa yearbook!
saligan nya gid ko ya!
pero the msot hurting thing was
i told him bout my crush
na si patrick
i dont know what went on on his mind
but i can tell na there was sumthing brewing there
i hope he knows the difference between a crush and a special someone
he doesnt know maybe, hes the one i love
c patrick ya labay labay lang....
doesnt he know that i get hurt when he talks bout ohter hot girls too?
and when he talks to other girls too and when he looks at other girls too when im around?
it hurts!
it soooo freakin' hurts!
for me, revenge is bitter sweet....but shoul i let him suffer?
the way he lets me?
maybe he doesnt even give a damn or doesnt even care?
the hell he cares?
is that it?
ka miserable man ni sang love life ko man!
wla gid ko gaka notice!



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