Don't Stupify Me Please

Monday, July 18, 2005

i think its just all in the mind
am i just being played at?
i am complicated
i dont know what to write
or what to say....
i am completetly out for words
my mind is playing and my heart is annoying
am i really inlove?
do i really love him
of course not
he is not serious
i dare not say his name
for it is deplorable for the moment
i am preparing my heart for its debauchery
for the utmost terror and horror that could happen to it
but im not ready yet
my heart is too fragile
too innocent for another massacre
my friends tell me that i shouldnt take things seriously like i do
play fire with fire
hes not worth it
hes a bithc
manxu's right
haslo gid xia ya
mixed signals ang gina hatag ya permi sakon
i hate him for all that he is
but why?>
why do i still love him for all that he is to me
am i really this insane?
i know ive got brains enough to pull this stint
maybe ill just play along
nahadlok ko basi
gina hampangan ya man lang ko
nahadlok ko sa tanan tanan
nga gina paminsar nya
ive already realized and told myself honestly nga gin hampangan nya man lang ko sand third year
myabe gani asta subong
pero i dont know bout his intentions
why does he give me all those looks
why does he give me the attention
why is he giving me mixed signals and complicated emotions
why are we so close
i dont even know if i love him
im surrounded with people but i feel so all alone
im nothing
they say im all that
but im nothing
kung wla man gid xia tani may na batyagan sakonm
tani wla ya na ko gina hatagan mixed signals nga ga pa confused lang sakon
i hate this
tani wla ya na lang ko gina sapak
tani wla ya na lang ko gina tulok tani wla
nalang sang tanan tanan
gaka sakitan lang ko
karen na ano ka man man?
so i wnat to tell him, dont stupify me......killing me softly, that i cannot take



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