Wednesday, July 27, 2005

this must be my day i like this day coz a lot has happened i had him for my own the whole afternoon
i like him so much
i dotn know where i stand in his....
tell you what happened....
i wore this very very short short super short skirt..
.i looked really really cute
nag pungko kmi na duwa sa ilogy tables
we were so closed together
na daw naumol umol sya guro sakon
gin hamblan nya ko na kung pwede nya ko kuno makusiin a very low low voice
so i told him off "na ano ka man?"hehehe
cge na...pakusi
he looked from side to side to see if anyone was watching
and he looked at me and begged that he would want to pinch me
so i turned my back on him
and he jsut
ahayaaaaa kanami gid ya ciya ya!
we worked on only one computer side by side
sitting close to one another
he typed my comments and i typed his
after all that hard work...phew! hhheh hard work gid ya
nag panamit lang gid ko to!
hehehhheso after that hard work....he put his arm on my back and grabbed me close to him
so sweet gid ya
he smelled my hair
and told me how it smelled great
after that...we were standing close to each other again and he asked me
what shampoo i was using....and then he smelled my hair again!he told me i looked cute and sexy!then we went out and we rode his jeepi was wearing this very very short skirt and i told him"grabeh bah! ang skirt ko mataklas ko sa jeep mo!heheheheand then he replied...'no problem, ko man lang maka kita!"hehehehhehow pervertedly sexy! he is!inside his jeep he grabbed me again and smelled my hair!heheheheheand then he grabbed me again and smelled my hair!whats up with my hair!?hehheheactually i did it in purpose!
i meant it to smell so damn good!
i really bought a pair of Palmolive shampoo and conditioner...
minor advertising there!
ok we went to yummy yummy
but before going in he nearly parked the car in front of these manongs!
where i would open the dooor and shoooot....there goes my black panty in front of them!hehheh so i told him
"hala "toot" ho! ang mga manong!
mag abri ko na karon ka door!"
so he backed up his car away from the manongs and assured me that i shouldnt get out of the car
unless he was there covering my exit....
the thought was nice coz after he got out of his side, he immediately run to cover me. nice...but i immediately got out...coz even with him i was still shy with my legs....course ive got killer legs to show but with melting!
okey so before we went inside yummy yummy, he wanted to go to the crso
i accompanied him to the courtyard
i knew from behind he was checking me out
i was so conscious
so when we went back to yummy2x he tried offering me his cap coz it was raining a little
but i refused the offer
but then again he grabbed my head with both his hands and held me close to him
as if he wanted him to protect me from a little rain.....aaaaaaayyyy
daw kmi na gid ya na duwaka gina
pero indi gid ya
we ordered coffee at yummy2x which he paid for himself
we talked and talked and talked and talked our gutts out
ka nami gid ya siya sturyahon.......we talkd about a lot of things.....bout our friends and about us...
.he read my comments again and again....
(he was the one to edit my yearbook comments)
i think we discovered alot about ourselves today than any other day weve been together
when we left yummy yummy he was still checking m out!
he said "lets see those killer legs!"and i said "na huya ko!"and he said,
"indi ah...una bla lakat"hehhheand i said "di ko ya kay tulokon mo"hhehhehhee
daw mga buang kmi gina
gina tulod ya ko na ako ma una lakat
pro ga panghawid ko sa shirt nyaas in super tulod nya gid ko yapero super panghawid gid ko ya xia
asta na na libutanay na kmi kag naka kupo ko siya hehehheheka
gaga gid yanoh?hehhehhehe
pero gapanamit lang gid ko gina!
and then i accompanied him again sa courtyard
to pee
and then there he told me how sexy i sexy han gid xia gina sakonya!
just as planned!
mission not impossible:mission completed:
in the car, we talked alo
the dropped me off the station of silay
nice nice gid ya sang day ko
ang day ko ka nice gid ya
supper!nyt nyte!
ma dream pa ko bout xia!



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