blah blah blahz of the unforgiven

Thursday, July 21, 2005

This is a poem or more of a succesion of stanzas composed by me and dave, my bestest boy bud

"Sacked...Striking a chord in my heartRobbing it with all its richesInsentient son of a bitch!whorewoebegoneno need for garrulous invocationsthough stupid this may seemive forgiven...""why forgive when you would never froget howi once stole all of you?and how you once called me whore, bitch, whatchamacallit?why forgive and woebegone?""I am stupidthe stupidest its the complicated irrationality of love that makesme forget and cherish you even more""indeed it is irrationala test of reason tauntedbut is forgivenessthe mother of cherished momentsis it not forgiveness clears all cherishable moments like lovejoy, pain and woe?""memory knowits inevitable to survive without himwe cling to him for all that we knowand if we lost the ones we lovethey take away apart of ourselvesforgiveness then is a way of hanging on to the volubleness of what life and love has offered"



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