natak-an ko sbung

Saturday, July 30, 2005

ma blog lang ko monday.....tell you everything that happened today and yesterday
friday nite sucked!
i am so fucked up

bagay gid niya sakon na song!

Friday, July 29, 2005

ga break heart ko subong! as always..........
jojo secret love
Just a friend That’s all I’ve ever been to you Oh just a girl Who wants to be the center of your world But I ain’t got much to offer But my heart and soul And I guess that’s not enough For you to notice me I’m just a girl And I guess that’s all I’ll ever be to you To you
I try to smile when I see other girls with you Acting like everything is ok But ohh You don’t know how it feels to be so in love With someone who doesn’t even know My secret love
In my dreams I see us both together constantly Why can’t you see This love that’s here for you inside of me Ohhh What do I have to do For you to notice this You look at her with love With me it’s just friendship I’m just your girl And I guess that’s all I’ll ever be to you To you
What do you see in her You don’t see in me (don’t see in me) Boy you’re so hard to believe Why do you show her love But there’s none for me Boy you don’t make sense to me Cause I don’t have much to offer But my heart and soul And I guess that’s not enough For you to notice me I’m just your girl And I guess that’s all I’ll ever be to you To you


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

this must be my day i like this day coz a lot has happened i had him for my own the whole afternoon
i like him so much
i dotn know where i stand in his....
tell you what happened....
i wore this very very short short super short skirt..
.i looked really really cute
nag pungko kmi na duwa sa ilogy tables
we were so closed together
na daw naumol umol sya guro sakon
gin hamblan nya ko na kung pwede nya ko kuno makusiin a very low low voice
so i told him off "na ano ka man?"hehehe
cge na...pakusi
he looked from side to side to see if anyone was watching
and he looked at me and begged that he would want to pinch me
so i turned my back on him
and he jsut
ahayaaaaa kanami gid ya ciya ya!
we worked on only one computer side by side
sitting close to one another
he typed my comments and i typed his
after all that hard work...phew! hhheh hard work gid ya
nag panamit lang gid ko to!
hehehhheso after that hard work....he put his arm on my back and grabbed me close to him
so sweet gid ya
he smelled my hair
and told me how it smelled great
after that...we were standing close to each other again and he asked me
what shampoo i was using....and then he smelled my hair again!he told me i looked cute and sexy!then we went out and we rode his jeepi was wearing this very very short skirt and i told him"grabeh bah! ang skirt ko mataklas ko sa jeep mo!heheheheand then he replied...'no problem, ko man lang maka kita!"hehehehhehow pervertedly sexy! he is!inside his jeep he grabbed me again and smelled my hair!heheheheheand then he grabbed me again and smelled my hair!whats up with my hair!?hehheheactually i did it in purpose!
i meant it to smell so damn good!
i really bought a pair of Palmolive shampoo and conditioner...
minor advertising there!
ok we went to yummy yummy
but before going in he nearly parked the car in front of these manongs!
where i would open the dooor and shoooot....there goes my black panty in front of them!hehheh so i told him
"hala "toot" ho! ang mga manong!
mag abri ko na karon ka door!"
so he backed up his car away from the manongs and assured me that i shouldnt get out of the car
unless he was there covering my exit....
the thought was nice coz after he got out of his side, he immediately run to cover me. nice...but i immediately got out...coz even with him i was still shy with my legs....course ive got killer legs to show but with melting!
okey so before we went inside yummy yummy, he wanted to go to the crso
i accompanied him to the courtyard
i knew from behind he was checking me out
i was so conscious
so when we went back to yummy2x he tried offering me his cap coz it was raining a little
but i refused the offer
but then again he grabbed my head with both his hands and held me close to him
as if he wanted him to protect me from a little rain.....aaaaaaayyyy
daw kmi na gid ya na duwaka gina
pero indi gid ya
we ordered coffee at yummy2x which he paid for himself
we talked and talked and talked and talked our gutts out
ka nami gid ya siya sturyahon.......we talkd about a lot of things.....bout our friends and about us...
.he read my comments again and again....
(he was the one to edit my yearbook comments)
i think we discovered alot about ourselves today than any other day weve been together
when we left yummy yummy he was still checking m out!
he said "lets see those killer legs!"and i said "na huya ko!"and he said,
"indi ah...una bla lakat"hehhheand i said "di ko ya kay tulokon mo"hhehhehhee
daw mga buang kmi gina
gina tulod ya ko na ako ma una lakat
pro ga panghawid ko sa shirt nyaas in super tulod nya gid ko yapero super panghawid gid ko ya xia
asta na na libutanay na kmi kag naka kupo ko siya hehehheheka
gaga gid yanoh?hehhehhehe
pero gapanamit lang gid ko gina!
and then i accompanied him again sa courtyard
to pee
and then there he told me how sexy i sexy han gid xia gina sakonya!
just as planned!
mission not impossible:mission completed:
in the car, we talked alo
the dropped me off the station of silay
nice nice gid ya sang day ko
ang day ko ka nice gid ya
supper!nyt nyte!
ma dream pa ko bout xia!

ka gaga gid ya sakon....super

Friday, July 22, 2005

hala ka nice
we talked just the two of us!
how sweet!
we talked and talked until kmi na lang na duwa s yummy yummy!
ako pa ang nag edit sang comments nya para sa yearbook!
saligan nya gid ko ya!
pero the msot hurting thing was
i told him bout my crush
na si patrick
i dont know what went on on his mind
but i can tell na there was sumthing brewing there
i hope he knows the difference between a crush and a special someone
he doesnt know maybe, hes the one i love
c patrick ya labay labay lang....
doesnt he know that i get hurt when he talks bout ohter hot girls too?
and when he talks to other girls too and when he looks at other girls too when im around?
it hurts!
it soooo freakin' hurts!
for me, revenge is bitter sweet....but shoul i let him suffer?
the way he lets me?
maybe he doesnt even give a damn or doesnt even care?
the hell he cares?
is that it?
ka miserable man ni sang love life ko man!
wla gid ko gaka notice!

blah blah blahz of the unforgiven

Thursday, July 21, 2005

This is a poem or more of a succesion of stanzas composed by me and dave, my bestest boy bud

"Sacked...Striking a chord in my heartRobbing it with all its richesInsentient son of a bitch!whorewoebegoneno need for garrulous invocationsthough stupid this may seemive forgiven...""why forgive when you would never froget howi once stole all of you?and how you once called me whore, bitch, whatchamacallit?why forgive and woebegone?""I am stupidthe stupidest its the complicated irrationality of love that makesme forget and cherish you even more""indeed it is irrationala test of reason tauntedbut is forgivenessthe mother of cherished momentsis it not forgiveness clears all cherishable moments like lovejoy, pain and woe?""memory knowits inevitable to survive without himwe cling to him for all that we knowand if we lost the ones we lovethey take away apart of ourselvesforgiveness then is a way of hanging on to the volubleness of what life and love has offered"

Na-Ano Ko Man?

have you ever felt like your all alone in this world?
completetly alone?
all alone
palangga ko gid xia bla tuopd?
ukon naga hampanganay lang gid kmi ya?

Yearbook Comments

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

what my classmates have to say bout me>>>

>>>Kaz karen, a good friend! my saver! tawa updon! caring! simple lang pero rock! grabe ang hjidden talents! da best gid updon! flexible! very witty, alam2x gid ya! masaligan gid!

>>>Ms. congeniality, amo na si friendship koh! super sweet and super caring! she know how to keep a secret, as in secret lang gid. sagad2x maggamit high heeled shoes! mwah! coffe addict!

>>>d gid kami close pero good friend gid ni xia, tawa man updon...siya ni ang anom in charge sang amon outreach! heheh...i hope maging close friend tayo! ni cya kag nami mag speak English ( damo man cya iya mga slang languages)

>>> Karen...?hehehe...i like her coz she's fun to be with...inta2x gid ya bla! hahahah!...but shes nice and daw sa bata2x siya...sadya cya sturyahon kay katayog.....

>>>kawen!!! shes been my saviour! esp. sa accounting! intelligent girl indeed, she can really do a lot! crush ya ni si P...K! pro subong love ya naman si toot!!! mayo gid ah! sexy pa katama! grabe mag lakat! kitch!....

>>>Karen!! Si karen Rocks na gusto ko call sa iya! Sadya2x updon. innocent but very very deadly. caeful kamo coz she knows a lot! as in a lot! may it be tayog stories or binastosanay na tlaks. ma saligan mo gid ni siya in all na bagay! ond of the best people and friend i know sa marketing and sa class namon...sadya sturyahon kag biskan ano lang basta maka talk short tayog gid ya! friendly ka tama, always smilling, alwyas eating, lauhging and joking! may plan pa kami magpatindog amon business...ask kamo what kind na bus? amon nalang na ya! hahahah. thanks gid kar for being such a very good friend to me. cge lang mapa aborad ta ya! mapa uk ta or usa. take care gid and god bless!

>>>si karensya gid ang pinaka bot sa 4c..caring and sweet kag very friendly...ginabuligan niya gid ang iya nga mga clsm8tes kung di sila kabalo kung ano ang himuon sa project... siya ang pinaka magandang babae sa buong mundo....

>>>karen, 4-ever nami lawas! pa simple lang galing. pinakafriendly and pinaka masaligan gid sa tanan. baw, kung mahubog, ay ambot nlang, upisyo kadlaw! damu kmi secrets! d best ka kar!

>>>C karen halong permi maglat kay ang hjeels halalungan, alm na ya sa klase, sometimes ga emote bout family problems pero most of the time tawa2x...sano ka pa maka nobyo kar? hehehehe

>>>C kitchie nadal sang 4c, hardcore coffe addict sexy smart simple sadya hipuson...gusto ya maging lesbian...hehehehjoke lang!

>>> clasrum ga hipos lang gid pero kung ask mo question answer na xa daun...grabeh mka relate sa lesson...head bang ni sya ya. coffe gid permi dina order nya kung magtambay2x kmi kung diin diin man da!


>>>karenrocks? the best kasabay, wla gid problema. shes one fo the boys. coffe? is ka drum ang ma ubos...addict! ma law ta? heheheh. kar, your one of the best buddies sa class, honest! luv yah!
andrew parts!

>>>seksi dan her mom! sweet and soft-spoken!!! she has the brains galing kay mahuluyaon. partner ni sherwin A.....hehehehe...
ms. nismal
>>>c karen angela!!! masaligan nga ya kami permi sa mga case na lang kmi kung wla ya???? thankx a lot kar!!
>>>karen angela...she rocks! abi mu kong sin-o nga goody-goody pero acolyte of the dark side gali...;) her train of thoguht veers toward the twisted and tenerous...inta-inta kung maghambal, girly-girly gd.! shes naughty and nice...that's hot! a thougtful and caring friend, marunong makisabay. someone you can talk to about anything and everything under the sun. the more controversial the topic thebetter. never at a loss for joking aroun and sharing of opinion. " made me ink!" super sexy pa magdala. !
the dark goddes rises/
to destroy the blinded scorn
her enemies will be droned
the opposing torn asunder
deconstructing the hold
vengeance will be tenfold

Don't Stupify Me Please

Monday, July 18, 2005

i think its just all in the mind
am i just being played at?
i am complicated
i dont know what to write
or what to say....
i am completetly out for words
my mind is playing and my heart is annoying
am i really inlove?
do i really love him
of course not
he is not serious
i dare not say his name
for it is deplorable for the moment
i am preparing my heart for its debauchery
for the utmost terror and horror that could happen to it
but im not ready yet
my heart is too fragile
too innocent for another massacre
my friends tell me that i shouldnt take things seriously like i do
play fire with fire
hes not worth it
hes a bithc
manxu's right
haslo gid xia ya
mixed signals ang gina hatag ya permi sakon
i hate him for all that he is
but why?>
why do i still love him for all that he is to me
am i really this insane?
i know ive got brains enough to pull this stint
maybe ill just play along
nahadlok ko basi
gina hampangan ya man lang ko
nahadlok ko sa tanan tanan
nga gina paminsar nya
ive already realized and told myself honestly nga gin hampangan nya man lang ko sand third year
myabe gani asta subong
pero i dont know bout his intentions
why does he give me all those looks
why does he give me the attention
why is he giving me mixed signals and complicated emotions
why are we so close
i dont even know if i love him
im surrounded with people but i feel so all alone
im nothing
they say im all that
but im nothing
kung wla man gid xia tani may na batyagan sakonm
tani wla ya na ko gina hatagan mixed signals nga ga pa confused lang sakon
i hate this
tani wla ya na lang ko gina sapak
tani wla ya na lang ko gina tulok tani wla
nalang sang tanan tanan
gaka sakitan lang ko
karen na ano ka man man?
so i wnat to tell him, dont stupify me......killing me softly, that i cannot take

AAAAAAArrrgh! Curses curses curses!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

biiiiiillllllllllllat llllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnteeeeeeeeeeee
indi n ko
suko na ko
ka sabad nah
i havent slept
i am unjustified!
daw ma haplak na ko
gi yah
its a good thing my prof. in my other major subject excused me
from taking the exam later
iiiii hate this! this is so shittty

Palangga Ko na Xia

Monday, July 11, 2005

didnt expect that coming from me?
its kinda wierd
come to think of it
i love him
i love him
i love him

could this be the real deal?
i do know?\maybe\maybe not
but the hardest thing is
i dont know where i stand in his heart
this situation is so complicated

we are so sweet when together
i just dont know why he hasnt come up to me yet

ahaya teh ngaa gina palangga ko man xia japon haw?
this is complicated
im loving a person who doesnt even love me back
im not so sure
if he really does feel something for me
i dont know
i just dont know
i have no idea
im like a fool
ive got brains
but when it comes to him my
i turn bonkers
ga paka gaga ko gani


for the first time in my marketing years
i really feel like a a marketing student
for once!
lets not talk a bout the boy
"toot" for a sec okey?
my groupmates and i are doing a case study on this flunking mall
its a nationwide contes
in which
winners from every region will be sent to compete to manila to compete with each other
this is so frutrating coz we only have less than a week to finish it
the dealine is on wednesday, we should finish everthying by today
coz we will let our club modrator review it and redo t again if she doesnt approve of it
but what about me?
im here oing my blog instead of burning the midnight oil on the paper
i just want to unwind

"and now were back together, together,
and all the love i have is especially for you"

wow how nakaka inlove naman the song
check you up later!!!!!!!!

Here I Am

Thursday, July 7, 2005

"here i am once again
im torn into peices
cant deny cant pretend
to have thougth you were the one
broken up deep inside
till you get to see the tears ive cried
behind these hazel eyes"

feeling ko gin trippingan lang gid ko ya
tripping lang gli ang tanan tanan?
tripping lang to gli?
tripping lang gid tanan?
sakit batyagon ba!

kadlawan dayon sa likod
amo na gli
amo na gli tanan tanan?
shit shit shit shit
ngaa nag paka gaga man ko man?
if ever your reading this
pokpoka ko gani sa ulo mag kitanay ta!!!!!


i hate him but i love him
i love him and i hate him
i hate him and i love him
i love him but i hate him
such stupid voluble exxagerations coming from yours truly
see how crazy i am
crazy in love you might say
but its still the same
im crazy the craziest of all

i laid off
for a couple of days that have seemed weeks on end
i missed him
but it was ok
when i was laying off
it felt quite ok that we werent together
i guess i was getting used to it na
but you know what happened yesterday?
it was great!
i dont know
basi assumiong naman ko
assuming naman gid eh!
ambot ah
didnt i tell you that i d lay off to tell that if he really wants me?
yes, maybe, just maybe he missed me
i was conspicous of my absence
he was missing me!
hes missing me!
assuming lang ha!
i dont know, we were seatmates last night
and he was just so sweet
naluoy gid ko xia ya
maybe i just have a soft heart for very very cute guys like him
so anyway, ive got to jitter
still have class in like 3 minutes
ack! aaaaaaaaaack!
and believe it or not
were seatmates again at this other class
i cant wait na!
right back at you later!
chikka ta full time!
im in love!
this time
its for real
or then again, maybe not


Monday, July 4, 2005

i dont know exactly where to start
my heart is battling with my head
maybe just maybe im the most assuming person in this god give planet
ako na ang pinak ka gaga kag pinaka buang
daw ma hibi gid ko ya
i dont know exactly how to explain this situation
im in a stupid stiuation
im being garrulous na
such stupid sentiments when i know they will disappear sooner or later
i hope
bitch bitch bitch
thats what i am
im such a stupid bithc
maybe thats why i entitled this blog as "i bitch at this moment in time"
because maybe i really am!
i dont know where i stand in his heart
feeling ko halin sang una gina trippingan ya lang gid ko ya
realize ko lang gina
nahimuklat na ko sa ka gagahan ko
teh ngaa
luyag man ko japon
it hurts me so damn bad! whenever we are together
i hate the situation im in
its so senseless
its so humiliating!
i know what the others are saying bout me
that they think im the one running after him
that i cant leave his side
that i always choose to be beside him
it hurts so bad to be labeled as "the desperate one!"
i hate htis i hate this i hate this i hate this!
shit shit shit
shit happens
i know but why does it always have to happen to me
what my friends are telling me is that i should lay off
go away for a moment
and them if he thinks im conspicous of my absence
than i know he has feelings for me too
why do gurls always have to wait for the guy to make the first move?
this is so shitty
i want him
i like him
i even admitted loving him
i love him for all the wrong and right reasons
i dont even know
tripping lang gid ya tanan tanan
i know him na
i should have known
it hurts so bad
sa likod ko gali gina kadlawan lang ko niya ukon nila pa gid ya
sincere gid ko yas tanan na gina pakita ko ya
pero amo lang kio na gli sa panulokan niya
wla wala wala!
teh ngaa palanga ko pa siya japon?
daw baby
for al his faults and flaws
i love him
i wont say loved cause i love him still
i wonder when will i ever feel love
to love and be loved in return!
that'd would be great
i thought ive found that someone
the pain is surreal
i cannot fathom its depths
tanan tanan gina panghimo ko na para sa iya
pero wla man japon
all i get is a cold insensitive shoulder
he doenst even notice me!
of all the things weve been thought together
na ano ko man?
nainit ko!
ngaa amo man ko ni man
ga paka gaga
lang gid ko ya forever
im destroying myself because of him
maglakat na siya gani wla gid xia ga babay
im better than this
i should think so
im better than this!

4Ceee Acquintqance Partey

Saturday, July 2, 2005


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