Shallow Hearts

Friday, April 1, 2005

Isn't this world a little too ironic? My heart got broken on the very last day of Summer '04. Now its broken again on the very first day of '05'. Ii feel so gaud damn miserable.  I have all this love inside of me that's waiting to burst theres nobody to give it to.

Everyone just keep breaking and tearing up my heart into peicesso tiny,  i dont think i can ever recover from this shattered existencei feel so damn miserable.

Its the start of the summer holidays and i am here mopping over my twisted fateam i really this hard to love? tell me?

Tell me, is it really selfish to love someone and expect to be loved in return? Nonreciprocated? Whats the whole point of loving someone when i dont even get to savor the pleasures of what he can offer back?

I'll tell you one secret...people might see me as this kickass, badass, toughass, chickwho really dont give a damn about lovewhose all worked up about school and shit who look a little too serious for funbut deep inside im really a romantic junkiea hopeless romantic.

i think that if people would really try to get to know on methey would truly get to know the real sweet side of me

im hungry wouldnt you believe that im so desperate right now

what happened today with sherwin was just so awful! i feel like my heart was just ripped and torn apart

first let me tell you about sherwin ive been classmates with him since last year2nd year 2nd sem on three subjectsbut i never really was interested in him or sumthinghe was to me, a dull and lifeless personthere was no "RA" factor on meand now, we are in the same section, the MARKETING 3Ceven then, i never really took interest in him he was to me, a dull and lifeless persona though everybody seemed to have a crush on himi didnt carehis charms didnt turn me on
it all started january....


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