I'm In Love! Weee!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

im in love!
like i always am
but i have never felt like this before
i know there are lots of things to do
but, i dont know
i feel like im walking on clouds
if i had ever commited suicide last week,
i sure was gonna miss the whole of the rest of my life

im in love im in love im in love
hmmmm i could go on and on and on..........

remeber i told you about sherwyn?
the cutest guy on the face of the planet?
cute cute gid ya! super
kanami gid ya!
ahhhhh shit
i dont know how to describe it
got no words left for it

i feel like i have no worries at all when in fact i have lots of thingees to do!

  • for one thing, i have to get my statement of accounts because exams are this week on friday
  • and i dont think my mom has enough money to pay for it
  • second, i have to finish the MK104 draft today and pass it tommorow, with graphs and all the stupid research stuff we ahve to include in it
  • that research paper was supposed to be dued last week, but i think me and my classmates are so kanbalan that we opted to pass the draft on its returning date
  • the radio and tv ad for MK105 are due 5:30 this pm, were finished with the radio, but what the hell with the tv ad? we were supposed to edit it yesterday, but mark(groupmate) cancelled it due to the fact that he was at his cuzin's house doing what ever!
  • and the edioting for the tv would take about 5 hours! and the personel manong in PRO ONE editing house says if we did it today, on the day of the due date, we might not be able to make it!
  • ahhhhhhhhhhh fuck! thank gaud i belong to BLOGDOM and CYBERIA or else, i wouldnt have any place to shout out my frustrations! again! let me shout it out again! FUCK! THIS! AHHH SHIT! KAILINIT! KAILINIT! DI NA KO! SABAD NA GID YA! DI KO NA KAYA!
  • mr. sulpicio palanca gave us directly out of his pocket a sponsorship amount of P4,000.....we thought it was tooo damn enou, so what me and my groupmates di?.....eat, eat, eat, eat, and more eat! thats where most of the money went, i think
  • this is supposed to be a seret,shhhhhhhshhhhhhhhhshhhhhhhh, i lost P500, i know! im so extremely stupid!
  • i think it got lost when i kept opening up the safety box of the money to get my SIM and whatdoyaknow! it fell and gone inot oblivion!
  • i still have lots to pay! shit!
  • the tv ad is due today! and were stillnot woking on the editing yet.....its already 8:00 in the morning!
  • i cant be absent in my classes today!
  • there are lots of money to be spent and wated
  • we have an advertising nite coming up which cost abour 300php and i think i wont have the dough to pay for it
  • im all sponged up!
  • the 400php for the glorious and kundirana shows
  • the 500php i have to cover up for the one i lost
  • ahhhhhhhhh shit! shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit
  • theres the MK104, 105, 106 papers we ahve to pass on MOnday
  • ahhhhhhhh fuck!
  • is this really what life has to offer me?
  • all these pain, misery, and suffering?
  • i cant do this anymore
  • i feel like im about to break down
course not!
didnt i say, im in love?
im inspired?
I feel like a highschool kid again!
were totally flirting with each other
but i dont wanna take him so seriously
Im not even sure if hes just playing around or really that serious
But i think were just flirting a little bit of too much!



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