Grand Slam Champions!

Monday, January 31, 2005

Collection of data........haven't i told you that the CBA is grand slam champion of the Sportsfest? Yes we are....hehehehe Three times in a row! weeeeeeeeeeee.....well bye.... I've gotta motor. I've got only 5 minutes on the dot!

Same Shit Same Day

Friday, January 21, 2005

well, well, well, well,
im here again, blogging
after like two months without blogging im here again
anyway, its the NEW YEAR and im quite feeling so damn good

whewww! i dont know where to start exactly.......
my pc got bugged down and all the blog entries i saved got corrupted to
allt he fun memeories gone!

anyway, to tell you bout everything, my classmates and i went to escalante for our CHRISTMAS PARTEYH
oh my god, im not really in the mood for writing today, im kinda down and lonely, can i just tell you all about it some other time?


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