Got Brains?

Monday, December 27, 2004

a whole week of blogging on my pc goes down the drain!

weeeeeee...i erased it coz when i read it, it bored me a lot! im sure you wouldnt wanna read about my luv life, ryte?

ok, ok, ok,

im just gonna give you a piece of whatevr it was that ive writtn sooooo eons ago!

1. its a merry christmas
2. im sooooo over mike
3. coz dave called me up
4. we talked for about, an hour
5. topic?
6. love, life, mike, girlfriends and whats a converstion without s
7. the usuals
8. he confided in me the problem with his girlfriend
9. stupid perverted gurl!
10. and then again, im soooooo over mike
11. not a trace of emotion
12. waduyouknow? after like 9 months of residency in STUPIDSVILLE (population: me)
13. ive finally moved-out!
14. weeeeeeeeeeeeee
15. ive fallen for somebody
16. the only ones who know it are dave and my sister
17. and you, coz your reading this
18. but am not gonna tell you who it is
19. its soooo ridiculous
20. im finally over mike!
21. what a feeling!
22. i guess i was really reality challenged
23. asylum bound!
24. haahahhahahahaha
25. it was dave's birthday the ohter day
26. and there was a big parrteyh at the house yesterday coz it was my aunts b-day celebration too
27. i was supposed to get a new phone
28. but to vent out frustrations
29. let me scream skulldruggery!!!
30. what a disappointment!
31. wtf?
32. ive just realized that mike looks better when out of sight
33. no one is waiting for him anymore
34. his bluffed
35. we both were bluffing
36. okey, wait..stop!
37. do you even know mike?
38. he is the guy ive been dedicating all those posted poems and songs for
39. stupid me
40. oh, lord, i was so sure
41. i was fucking bullshit!
42. now he doesnt even matter
43. i dont give a damn
44. i dont care
45. i was soooo down for so long
46. people thought i was autistic
47. my friends go unnoticed
48. i was but a silent walking vegetable
49. hehehheheeehheehehehe
50. i guess that ws why i was living all along in stupidsville
51. i was really soooo stupid
52. and people told me i got brains!
53. when it comes to love, im just a neophyte chickenshit
54. and now that im in love
55. im quite sure, mike is gonna be soooo unheard off
56. if you think im such a bithc57. you should at least ask me, what ive been through
58. how i shouted, how i screamed
59. nobody took notice, not even inches



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