Escalante Escape

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I'm writing directly from my PC cause the internet server is down.  WTF? Don't they know that i need to blog?

Today is the day after yesterday obviously...hehehe I went to escalante with my classmates and had a blast! weeeeeeeee!  We went to BONISTA beach resort and stayed at the house of Harry (i like this song...hands down by dashboard....i could fall in love over and over again) the spoils of fun?

A pair of wounded wrists, dried, dried, hair theres no justice to it!, im black, blue, and red all over! red red red red skin I look like a fried fish! uga gid ya! A swollen foot. One foot is soooo full of urchin and rock stings but i wonder? Why is the other one unscathed? Its this left foot that is always prone to dog bites, blisters, urchin stings, and other sorts of evil thingees....but the other one is perfectly unharmed. Its so silly!

Anyway,we left civilization bout 11:30 am and arrived there bout like 4:00? i dont know it was so fun, even riding the freaking jeep was fun when we arrived, we immediately prepared drunch-dinner and lunch. It was awesome, everybody helping out because we were sooooo hungry the drinking started early with Baidal and Mark opening the first shot while they were grilling the fishes.we stayed at a decrepit nipa hut. It was very old...i was harry's nanny the hut being derelict as it is made the fun even more exciting.  I slept above the house.  It was sssscarrry every move we made made this creepy disturbing sound that signaled it was ready to drop down with us inside it!freaky!

After eating dinner and talaba with richard some of the guys and i went to the resort to go swimming in the pool! weeeeee
And in the morning the first thing i did was to get up obvioslymy body was in shock!


The floor we slept in was so hardi think my body is sooo black and blue!its aweful!!

Richard and i cooked the noodles we bought the day before we thought all the food wouldn't be enough to feed all those hungry mouths so we decided to buy those extra noodles after eating.  Nicole, Richard, Christian and i (shit, there goes that aweful song again)went to the beach. 

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! super weeeeeeeeeeee

We stayed there for like about 3-4 hours?i aint really surewhen youre having funtime doesnt existi think we were the only four who really enjoyed and got the best out of bonistapoor poor pooor other people.



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